Charlie Sheen Extortion Lawsuit With Porn Star Capri Anderson Not Over!

Charlie Sheen dropped the extortion lawsuit against porn star: Capri Anderson who allegedly locked herself in the bathroom during his stay at the Plaza hotel where he had his infamous meltdown last year.

But the only reason Charlie Sheen dropped the lawsuit is because Capri Anderson is now here to be found to be served. But as soon as he knows of her where abouts again or his people find her, the lawsuit will be back in play.

Apparently, Charlie Sheen won’t drop this for good, because Capri Anderson tried to extort him for $1 million. Capri Anderson, her real name being “Christina Walsh,” stated: “The Plaintiff was unable to serve me with a lawsuit. I have nothing more to say. I’ve moved on.”

Sounds like she has her game down packed and she’s really going to give Charlie Sheen a run for his money on this one. They’re going to have to pull a “Pineapple Express” to be able to finally serve her.

Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy

Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy stating that they purposely used a model that looks like her in their campaign ads. The model that is accused of looking like Kim is named Melissa Molinaro, and Kim is worried that her fans will be confused in thinking that she is endorsing the name brand.

It is also orange juiceored that Kim believes that the campaign has put a huge $15 or $20 million dent in her pockets. In which she believes that she is titled to this money.

Things can’t be any weirder for Kim due to her ex Reggie Bush has revealed that he and Molinaro (Kim look-a-like) are dating.

Do you all think that Old Navy is purposely trying to use a Kim look-a-like to fake her endorsement to bring in more customers?