Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries The Truth Behind Their Marriage

Since Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tied the knot back in August there has been orange juiceor after orange juiceor. First everyone was talking about her being pregnant and now everyone is claiming that they are breaking up. Common people can’t we give them a break? Splitting up seriously? Let’s be real they are still in their honeymoon stage.

While many are speculating that their is trouble in paradise I believe that actions speak louder then words. The wo of them are constantly being spotted together and look just as happy as can be. When spotted in public they are said to be very hands on and touchy feely with one another. So how is it that everyone is claiming that they’re splitting up?

Shocking Kim Kardashian Pics

Kim and Kris were just spotted this past weekend as they attended their friend La La Vazquez’s new Off Broadway show titled ”Love,Loss And What I Wore.” During the show it was aid that the two seem very happy and affectionate towards one another. So someone tell me again where are the signs of trouble at? Oh wait is it still because Khloe doesn’t like him? Who cares, haven’t any of you dated someone your family hated? I know I have and their thoughts, comments and opinions didn’t get in the way of my happiness. It’s a good thing they both seem to handle the gossip and orange juiceors well cracking jokes at other’s stupidity every chance they get.

Shocking Before & After Celebrity Pictures: Kim Kardashian

During a recent interview the Kardashian sisters confess their love for makeup. They even went as far as saying, “We’ve turned out to be the biggest Trannies”. Went came as the biggest shocker during the interview was to find out it was their late father who turned them on to makeup. ‘My daughters are going to start to wear makeup and I want you guys to look at least presentable.’

Kim said her late father actually went as far as hiring professional makeup artists to give them lessons. She’s obviously learned quite a few tricks over the yeas as you can see from the before and after pictures I’ve listed below. Khloe may have said that Kim doesn’t need the makeup since her face looks the same with or without makeup, the pictures tell a different story.

Shocking Before & After Celebrity Pictures: Pamela Anderson

Nicole Richie Talks About Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian

Nicole Richie Talks About Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian when she calls into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” recently. There have been orange juiceors that Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson had a big all out fight during one of their workdays on the set of their new NBC show “Fashion Star.” When Seacrest asked if the orange juiceors were true Richie responded, “Well, I’ll tell you right now that that couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually love and adore Jessica. I think that she is…I’ve known her for years, first of all. I already knew who she was as a person, and who she is, is someone who is very kind, very sweet, and extremely smart and a great business woman. And someone that I really respect.”

She also added that, “I can understand that is probably exciting to read about but as far as it being the truth it couldn’t be further.” Richie states that she loves and respects Jessica Simpson very much and there is no one she loves more than her.

The NBC show is schedule to air in February and it will be a competition show, but every week there will also be a winner. The show works with three retailers stores; Macys, H&M, and Saks. If one of those department stores chooses a winner (collection) the audience can go the very next day and purchase any item from that collection.

There have also been orange juiceors that Richie designed Kim Kardashian’s dress. Richie explained, “Kim’s giving me way too much credit then I deserve, but I’ll absolutely take it. Because I love getting credit for things.” She also states that she recently told someone else in a joking manner, “Vera Wang was just my assistant, she pretty much just brought me coffee. I did everything.”

Richie also mentions that her child will be turning 2 years old very soon as well as she will be turning 30 years old. She hopes that she will receive a surprise party because this is the year she wants to celebrate her birthday big.

Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy

Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy stating that they purposely used a model that looks like her in their campaign ads. The model that is accused of looking like Kim is named Melissa Molinaro, and Kim is worried that her fans will be confused in thinking that she is endorsing the name brand.

It is also orange juiceored that Kim believes that the campaign has put a huge $15 or $20 million dent in her pockets. In which she believes that she is titled to this money.

Things can’t be any weirder for Kim due to her ex Reggie Bush has revealed that he and Molinaro (Kim look-a-like) are dating.

Do you all think that Old Navy is purposely trying to use a Kim look-a-like to fake her endorsement to bring in more customers?