Nicole Richie Talks About Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian

Nicole Richie Talks About Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian when she calls into “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” recently. There have been orange juiceors that Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson had a big all out fight during one of their workdays on the set of their new NBC show “Fashion Star.” When Seacrest asked if the orange juiceors were true Richie responded, “Well, I’ll tell you right now that that couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually love and adore Jessica. I think that she is…I’ve known her for years, first of all. I already knew who she was as a person, and who she is, is someone who is very kind, very sweet, and extremely smart and a great business woman. And someone that I really respect.”

She also added that, “I can understand that is probably exciting to read about but as far as it being the truth it couldn’t be further.” Richie states that she loves and respects Jessica Simpson very much and there is no one she loves more than her.

The NBC show is schedule to air in February and it will be a competition show, but every week there will also be a winner. The show works with three retailers stores; Macys, H&M, and Saks. If one of those department stores chooses a winner (collection) the audience can go the very next day and purchase any item from that collection.

There have also been orange juiceors that Richie designed Kim Kardashian’s dress. Richie explained, “Kim’s giving me way too much credit then I deserve, but I’ll absolutely take it. Because I love getting credit for things.” She also states that she recently told someone else in a joking manner, “Vera Wang was just my assistant, she pretty much just brought me coffee. I did everything.”

Richie also mentions that her child will be turning 2 years old very soon as well as she will be turning 30 years old. She hopes that she will receive a surprise party because this is the year she wants to celebrate her birthday big.