Jessica Alba Talks Pregnancy Cravings With George Lopez

On August 10, Jessica Alba stops by the “George Lopez Tonight” and talks about some of the things she is eating this time around during her pregnancy. Alba is definitely ready to pop soon and is eager to see this new baby that will enter her family’s life.

Jessica Alba Talks Pregnancy Cravings With George Lopez and her have to have food is watermelon. She told Lopez, “I love watermelon, I dream about it I really do, I get them in quarters because it’s easier for me to get to it. I cut that thing up and eat it and don’t even care if I have a stomach ache after.”

As she continued to express her love for it, “I like it before I was pregnant but this is like I have to have it or I’ll turn into someone psychotic. If you don’t give me my watermelon right now, it’s bad for you.”

Alba talks about how her daughter Honor Marie wants to have a little brother named Sophia. That is definitely a funny name for a boy. Alba says, “She’s obsessed with these characters called Pinkalicious and Olivia and they have little brothers so she wants a little brother named Sophia. I don’t know where that came from. I told her that I think if we had a little brother he’d have a really tough life if his name was Sophia.”