Will Arnett Talks About Family Life and New NBC Series “Up All Night”

Will Arnett Talks About Family Life and New NBC Series “Up All Night” with magazine Redbook for their November 2011 issue. Arnett has been extremely busy trying to promote the new series and enjoy quality family time. The Canadian actor gave some insight about what his life is like with actress, Amy Poehler, and their kids.

Usually the characters that Arnett plays are damaged in some way and are not very bright, but he wanted a role that was smart and more like his own personal life. Arnett explains, “I’ve historically played people who are damaged and dumb. That’s funny, but this time I wanted a part I could relate to, and it also happens to be very close to my own life.” Playing a more serious role is always good on the resume of any actor.

Arnett shares a story about his 3 year old son, “Two nights ago I had to bribe my 3-year-old, Archie, into finishing his dinner with a King Cone. That thing is half his body weight, so he was going on chocolate and sugar until 10 p.m.” He also reveals that he is a good father and that his kids are his everything.

Being a parent is stressful, plus you worry all the time about your kid(s). When asked you was more of a worry wart, him or his wife, Arnett replied, “Me, but I think I’ve become mellower with two kids. You’re nervous with the first one. You remember all the stupid stuff you’ve done, and you think: Who put me put in charge? You think they’re going to chase you down and take that baby back.” Being a parent is definitely one of the toughest jobs out there. You have to be their provider, protector, love support and much more.

Poehler has a strong personality and she is one of the most hilarious actress in the show business. Arnett was asked if he or his wife had the ‘last word’ on important topics, his response, “She thinks she’s the boss, but I’m the boss. Part of being the boss is allowing others to think they’re the boss, which is what I do.”

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