Meet The Cast of VH1′s ‘Why Am I Still Single’ Matchmaker Reality Show

Siggy Flicker – Is known for being an extraordinary matchmaker. She is a divorced mother of two who is now engaged to be married again. She uses her real life testimony to assist her in helping others find true love. While her first husband may have been “the perfect man” she left him after realizing there was no “real chemistry” between them. She’s known for encouraging her clients to reach new heights by trying the unexpected and seeking true chemistry in a partner.

The Twins Jenn & Jamie - The Moxie Twin Makeover Specialists. These ladies are beautiful  identical twins with very upbeat and energized personalities. Jenn is married to her high school sweetheart, while Jaime is currently dating a fellow recruitor/cast member on the show Victor Goldman (below). The twins come in to give the clients new looks along with some easy and manageable makeover tips to help increase their sharpness and add to their looks.

Victor Goldman – Is a divorced dad who has custody of his three sons and is currently dating Jamie (above). Victor is the only man on the cast and brings a very unique male perspective to the table. He is consider to be one of Siggy’s greatest assest. He is also known for calling out the players and keeping it real as he searches for the perfect date matches.

Chynna Soul - Is said to be a textbook New Yorker born and raised. She considers herself to be the best love picker and a magnet for hot people. Chynna has done a little of everything from Stylist, hair sculptress, artist, nightclub owner, radio host and music video director just to name a few. She has a take change personality which is known for causing her and Siggy to bump heads from time to time.

Hayley Raphael – To be honest I’m still not too sure exactly what her position is on the show other then to share her opinion from time to time. Hayley is a singer and dancer for Disney and Nickelodeon who has toured with Dora the Explorer. She came from a very uppity family full Ivy League professionals. She has a vry upbeat and enthusiastic personality  and a big heart.

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