20 year Old Tupac Sex Tape Released

20 year Old Tupac Sex Tape Released by an anonymous owner. Well the video hasn’t quite been released yet. The owner is still receiving offerings from numerous media outlets to see who will be the first to actually show the video. The sex video is said to have been taped back in 1991 during a house party. TMZ did confirm that the video is real and that they have watched the five minute oral sex tape.

TMZ also described what can be expected of the video. The video shows a house party going on in the living room (not sure of who’s house it was) with several groupies. Tupac then enters the room sporting an exposed private part. He chooses one of the groupies to perform oral sex on him while he raps and dances to his own music which is playing in the background. TMZ writes, “an unreleased song of Tupac’s is playing in the background, as Tupac is singing along and dancing, wiggling his hips.”

All of the wiggling around that Tupac does in the video; the woman performing the act seems not to be bothered. She just continues on with her duties getting the rapper more excited with each second that passes. At one point Money B from Digital Underground walks towards Tupac and Tupac puts his arm around him just to continue rapping and dancing. This woman is a true pro. She doesn’t get distract by none of her surrounds.

At the end of the video Tupac looks ready to go all the way with this groupie, so there could be another video tape out there that just hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Recently, a book written by ex-LAPD Detective Greg Kading, titled Murder Rap, reveals the killers who are responsible for the killings of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. The dirty secrets are revealed at Sean “P Diddy” Combs Ordered 2Pac’s Death.