TruTV Southern Fried Sting Reality Show Is Fake!

TruTV has a reality show called Southern Fried Sting that is about team of experts that get hired by concern family members, business owners etc to get to the bottom of their mysterious situations. It often leads them on wild chances and on mysterious ventures putting them in danger; yet catching everything from cheating spouses, to drug bust, to prostitution and much more. The show is definitely scripted and is taped in a “cinema verite” style and takes place in the southern states like Texas and Georgia.

While the show is scripted, it is entertaining and usually finishes with a positive message. They talk against the use of food and illegal behavior, as well as shows real consequences that can come from such behavior. We all know sex and violence sell, which is why this show should continue to do well. However, unlike other reality shows on TV this one comes with a positive and informative punch line at the end.