Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Bullied In High School Tells All To Parade Magazine

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Bullied In High School Tells All To Parade Magazine. Polizzi also talks to the magazine about new business brands that she will be coming out with in due time. During the interview Polizzi dishes about not being popular and having the girls in her high school bully her constantly, “I got bullied in high school. A lot of girls were so mean to me because their boyfriends wanted to hang out with me and my girls, so they pretty much bullied me to the point where I was crying at night. Now, if somebody says something negative to me, I’m just like, ‘Whatever.’ I laugh it off. Nobody can get to me at this point.”

Polizzi reveals that she always wanted to be a actress and didn’t know that one day she will be a reality TV star. Polizzi tells the magazine, “I didn’t know I was going to be on a reality show, but I always wanted to be an actress. The fact that it came like this is awesome.”

Being a celebrity definitely has its ups and downs and Polizzi as of late wishes that people can see the real her instead of her alter ego Snooki. Polizzi reveals to the magazine, “People think I’m an wateric and I drink and all I want to do is hook up. That’s totally not the case. You have to remember that reality shows capture your worst moments.” Looking like a fool is what makes you popular on reality TV and this is something she should know by now. People are always going to view her as a horny girl who sleeps around.

Having a goal to be successful in almost every business venue Polizzi states where she sees herself in the future, “10 years from now, I would like to see myself successful as a brand, like Jessica Simpson, with babies running around and a beautiful husband and my own reality show.” She continues, “I’ve got my slippers coming out and I’m working on a nail polish that might be out for the holidays. I’m working on my spin-off with Jenni, I’m working on my sequel to A Shore Thing, and I’ve got the clothing line, perfume, eyelashes you name it, I’m trying to do it!”

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