Ryhs Ifans: Villian in The Amazing Spider Man Detained At Comic Con For Shoving a Female Security Guard

Rhys Ifans the actor for the new Spider Man reboot: “Amazing Spider-Man,” was detained at Comic Con in San Diego on Friday. Apparently Rhys Ifans shoved a female security guard when one of his friends had trouble getting inside the Convention Center without any credentials.

The film company explains that Rhys Ifans: “deeply regrets this incident,” however, Lieutenant Andra Brown says that Rhys Ifans, was : “He was abusive, belligerent, and aggressive, and shoved a female security guard aside to shove his way through, verbally abusive to all around…security, the PD and the USA.”

Rhys Ifans the Wales native was lucky after all. Rhys Ifans was only cited and then released, which is not an official arrest, it’s a non-custodial misdemeanor arrest. However, if he’s pursued by the city he may be liable to charges.