Injured Zombies On Resident Evil Part 5 Set

Resident Evil Part 5 with the beautiful and glorious, Milla Jovovich has been filming their latest installment in Toronto. But this morning things went all wrong when actors dressed as bloody zombies were shooting a scene in a high, wheeled platform, when the platform shifted and when the actors were going onto another platform there was a big gap in which the zombie actors fell right through.

16 actors that were playing zombies in Resident Evil fell and suffered back and leg injuries amongst other injuries. Thankfully, none of the injuries were life threatening but sure caused quite the stir in the set when paramedics arrived for they couldn’t distinguish injured zombie actors from just zombie actors with no injuries.

Could this possibly indicate that we can be expecting a rather gory Resident Evil Part 5? Either way, I always watch them because I think Milla Jovovich is a wonderful actress who found her niche and is absolutely superb at it.

Toronto Police Dept. and the Ministry of Labor were investigating the situation in Resident Evil’s 5 set, but a rep has confirmed that the incident has been classified as an “industrial accident,” also, reps confirmed that Milla Jovovich was not on set when this incident occurred therefore, she is not hurt.

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