Omaima Aree Nelson-Egyptian Model & Cannibal (Parole Denied)

Omaima Aree Nelson was once fairly known Egyptian model but became ever more infamous after she killed, cooked and ate her late husband, William E. Nelson, making her a cannibal. Omaima Aree Nelson was married to her husband for less than one month before she committed most heinous act.

This horrible incident happened in 1991. Now after 20 years of serving prison time in Chowchilla State Prison, she stood before the parole board to plead for an early release which was denied. The reason for the denial of an early parole is perfectly understandable. I mean how can someone who manage to commit such a derange act ever be considered sane or safe amongst other people?

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Omaima Aree Nelson killed her husband on Thanksgiving Day in 1991 in their apartment. She cooked his head and hands and even admitted to dipping these body parts in barbecue sauce. This is really crazy stuff, then she offered some her friends up to $75,000 to help her get rid of the other remains, which all refused.

Omaima Aree Nelson
was arrested on December 2, 1991 after the police found body parts in trash bags in her corvette. She claimed to be under severe stress when she committed the crime claiming that her husband would physically and sexually assault her. A psychological evaluation was performed which revealed that she indeed suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, however, she was convicted of the crime, even after the fact.

Perhaps, the traumatic stress disorder came from the gruesome crime she managed to commit. This woman was obviously and probably still as deranged as she was 20 years ago. There’s been plenty of cases where women have gone mad and killed their spouses and vice versa, but Omaima Aree Nelson took it two steps further that just yell “Insane!”