Compare Reality TV Matchmaker Shows: Millionaire Matchmaker, Tough Love & Why Am I Still Single?

Is it just me or does it seem like every week there’s a new reality show coming out. It appears like they are continuously looking for ways of reinvent the face of reality. It started with talk shows giving us the opportunity to look into peoples crazy lives and just spun off from there. Now you have shows like The Real World, Bad Girls Club, Survivor, The Cake Boss, X-Factor, Garage Wars, Miami Tow and The Bachelor to name a few. Now they seem to be adding yet another spin off to our sets. The new “thing” seems to be Matchmaker shows. Below I’ve given you a little run down on three fairly popular ones.

Millionaire Matchmaker ~
premiered in January 2008 and is currently airing it’s 5th season on Bravo. The shows host is none other than, Patti Stanger; who’s a loud mouth know it all. She’s known for making harsh comments and pushing the limits. She is the founder of the Beverly Hills based “Millionaire’s Club” and makes it her business to makeover and match up wealthy people who are looking for love. Stanger is said to be a third generation matchmaker who worked as the Director of Marketing for Great Expectations which is the largest and oldest dating service in the US.

During an episode Patti meets with two Millionaires seeking love. She gives them a makeover and barks at them about everything they are doing wrong. She then meets with her team to select women or men that fit the criteria their millionaires are looking for. The she puts together a mixer and lets the millionaires loose in a room full of  the men or women that have all been pre interviewed and hand picked by Patti and her colleagues. They get to pick two men or women that they felt the strongest connection with to get a few more minutes to get aquatinted. Then they are force to pick only one to go on a real date of their choice.

Tough Love ~ premiered in March 2009 and is currently airing it’s 4th season on VH1. The host of the show is Steve Ward who is known as one of America’s most successful matchmakers. He is the son of JoAnn Ward who founded Master Matchmakers more then 20 years ago. This dude keeps it real and speaks the truth to these women even if that means hurting their feelings or putting them on blast.

The season revolves around 8 women who are put to live together as they take this quest to find love. Steve tests them repeatedly on their dating skills and lets them know what their body language and actions tell the men they encounter. He digs out their dirty laundry and embarrasses them and puts them on the spot every chance he gets, in an effort to get them to wakeup and wisen-up!

Why Am I Still Single ~ set to premiere on Sunday, October 16 at 9PM on VH1. The host of the show is Siggy Flicker who is both a life coach and successful matchmaker. Aside from her growing career she is also a mother of two, an ex-wife and a fiancee. She is said to inspire her clients and others with her approach at life and her own life testimonies.

Each episode is said to feature 2 clients one male and one female. She sets them up on a dummy date with each other as she and the rest of her team watch from a hidden room to see just how much work they need. She gets down to the nitty gritty giving them makeovers and helping them to see what their issues are. She is known for turning the dull into the exciting and turning the classless into the classy. She gives her clients advice on style, etiquette and social skills. She can be a bit harsh at times but doesn’t push the limits. She tries not to overly offend and beat down her clients like the rest of these reality matchmaker shows, instead she treats them with respect.