Kristin Cavallari Gives Back Her Engagement Ring

Out of sight out of mind, at least that’s how the saying goes and what Kristin Cavallari is hoping for.  It was reported that just weeks after the called off wedding, she has return her engagement ring to ex-fiancé Jay Cutler. This has been a long month for the Laguna Beach babe who went from engagement parties and wedding dress photo shoots to a heart breaking breakup.

An insider told Life & Style Magazine that Kristin had in fact noticed a change in him. It was reported that part of that big change was when he all of a sudden became supportive of her career again. Prior to that he had wanted her to put her career aside after they wed. The insider also went on to say, “It was like Jay knew he was leaving the relationship and didn’t want Kristin to miss out on great opportunities in L.A.”