Kate Gosselin Gives Thanksgiving Coupon Tips & Gets A Facelift

Kate Gosselin Gives Thanksgiving Coupon Tips & Gets A Facelift. The ex-reality star has already posted her first blog for her new job at the CouponCabin.com. She wrote about the different ways to prepare Thanksgiving dinners and a few advices on how to save money during the Holiday season. Her first blog post is titled “Black Friday: My Tips For Saving Money (And Sanity!).”

Gosselin writes, “I discovered this wonderful world of Internet shopping way back when I was stranded at home with eight kids under the age of four years old. Even now, that sounds nearly impossible.”

She continues to write, “Let’s be clear though: Even though my kids may be more mobile now, I am still NOT known to fight the Black Friday crowds in the stores as soon as my last bite of turkey is swallowed. “There are those who are willing to risk indigestion and sleep deprivation in order to catch a great bargain, but I am not one of them.”

During the blog post she writes about her “favorite deals” for this year’s Black Friday, which is a few days away, with certain companies like Target, The Body Shop, Children’s Place and AT&T Wireless.

It has been said that Gosselin recently went under the knife yet again. On the first day of her new blogger job, she revealed a new face. This wouldn’t be the face time she has received cosmetic procedure; back in 2007 she got a tummy tuck and in 2009 she got breast implants. In June, she had received Botox injections and the results ended up with her having extremely arched eyebrows. Gosselin also makes sure to go tanning three times a week because she believes it will keep her looking young.

A source revealed that Gosselin is obsessed with her looks, stating, “She’s consumed with her appearance. Kate wants to look 10 years younger.”
Jon Turk, New York plastic surgeon, told the new issue of Us Weekly, that he believes she has had a cosmetic procedure that had changed her eye shape and gave her a more defined jawline. Due to those two changes he states it “suggest a facelift” is what the former “Kate Plus 8″ reality star has done.

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