David Hasselhoff Marriage Proposal Turned Down twice

Marriage proposal...going once: Hayley Roberts turned down David Hasselhoff Marriage proposal.

David Hasselhoff has revealed that his girlfriend, Hayley Roberts, has turned down his marriage proposals twice in two days. The 59-year-old actor/singer has been dating Welsh beauty Hayley since February when he met her in a hotel bar while he was in Cardiff for the ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ auditions. Apparently Hoff’s has some trouble convincing his 31-year-old blonde beauty to become the third Mrs David Hasselhoff.

The Baywatch star took Roberts on holiday to Cape Town in South Africa and got down on one knee and asked her to marry him, in front of a beautiful sunset at the weekend. “I tried to pop the question but she was having none of it … #whereshouldipopthequestionnext (sic)-David Hasselhoff tweeted and posted a picture of the (turned down) proposal. Hours later he tweeted again: “I popped the question in the dressing room. She’s still having none of it.”

David Hasselhoff, who has been married twice before and has two teenage daughters, has made no secret of the fact he can imagine Hayley as his wife.”I believe in marriage. Right now with Hayley things are getting better in every way.”-he said. Don’t give up Hoff, she’ll come to her senses and accept your marriage proposal very soon.

Marriage proposal...going twice: and again Hayley Roberts turned down David Hasselhoff Marriage proposal.