Christian Rappers Blowing Up in 2011

With rap and hip hop music being as loved as it is and as widely listened to by the youth of today, it’s great to see some inspiration joining the genre. Christian Rap & Hip Hop actually started back in the late 1900′s but hasn’t really blown up till the more recent years. With more and more of today’s youth seeking the Lord, it’s great for them to be able to tune in to the beats they love with lyrics that speak of hope and love rather then hate and violence.

Every time you turn on the radio you hear of songs putting down women, talking about sex, food and violence. Everyone makes their focus about making money and having the nice cars and flashy jewelry. Is that really all life is about? Does all that non sense they speak of actually bring happiness? Look at what happened to 2Pac and Biggie, did no one learn from their deaths?

It’s so uplifting to be able to hear Rap and Hip Hop songs that truly touch your heart and uplift you. To be able to hear about hope and praise and to see that there is a brighter future gives a sense of relief. Rather than talking about the imaginary life they see on TV these Christian rappers talk about the TRUTH. They rap about the promises the Lord has given us, they rap about the greatness that comes from having faith and giving praise. They even rap about their testimonies and how they turned their life from sin and refuse to fall back. Christianity is not about living a sinless life, that would be impossible. Christianity is about living your life as best as you can, understanding your wrong doings, asking for forgiveness and pushing forward no matter how hard life becomes. Below is a list of incredibly talented Christian Rappers that you won’t want to miss out on.

They aren’t numbered or placed in any specific order. When working for the Lord there is no best, they are all seen as equal. However, my personal favorite by far would have to be Lecrea; but that’s just me.

  • Lecrea
  • Trip Lee
  • Da’ T.R.U.T.H
  • The Ambassador
  • Verbal Contact
  • Tedashii
  • Flame
  • Hostyle Gospel
  • KJ-52
  • PRo
  • Microphone Soldiers, J-Angel
  • Bizzle
  • Deciple