Charlie Sheen Continues On With Promotional Duties For His Roast

Charlie Sheen Continues On With Promotional Duties For His Roast as he was seen entering the studio to tape a show at “The Wendy Williams Show,” earlier today in New York City. He spoke about his upcoming roast and other topics with Wendy. His guest appearance on the show will air the same day as his roast, September 19, in the morning. There has never been someone who was going to be roast promote their own roasting as much as Sheen is doing at the moment. Is he still desperate to be in the spotlight?

During an interview with “The Today Show” with anchor Matt Lauer, Charlie decides to express what was going through his mind during this past year with all the erratic behavior. Sheen began stating, “I don’t really know what happened. It was one of those things where the planets were aligned, perfectly or imperfectly. I said some stuff and then it caught such traction globally and instantly that I couldn’t really put out the fire.”

Sheen has been said to now be happy and he even stated that he is “absolutely” happy. He also states that he is definitely looking to a more calm future. Even though Sheen admitted that he did have a bit fun with all the craziness of the past year.

Sheen talks more on the topic, “Looking back on it, I don’t think I would trade it, but there are portions of it I would have amended a little bit. I don’t know, the tiger blood [thing], it was so silly and people took it so seriously and I figured, alright, I’ll continue to give the people what they want, you know?”

It is very refreshing to see Sheen acting like a normal human being and that he is actually trying to stay happy for once. He also looked healthier and alive compared to the way he was looking the past year. Hopefully, this time the actor can continue with his sobriety and become a good man and father to his children.

Charlie Sheen Extortion Lawsuit With Porn Star Capri Anderson Not Over!

Charlie Sheen dropped the extortion lawsuit against porn star: Capri Anderson who allegedly locked herself in the bathroom during his stay at the Plaza hotel where he had his infamous meltdown last year.

But the only reason Charlie Sheen dropped the lawsuit is because Capri Anderson is now here to be found to be served. But as soon as he knows of her where abouts again or his people find her, the lawsuit will be back in play.

Apparently, Charlie Sheen won’t drop this for good, because Capri Anderson tried to extort him for $1 million. Capri Anderson, her real name being “Christina Walsh,” stated: “The Plaintiff was unable to serve me with a lawsuit. I have nothing more to say. I’ve moved on.”

Sounds like she has her game down packed and she’s really going to give Charlie Sheen a run for his money on this one. They’re going to have to pull a “Pineapple Express” to be able to finally serve her.

Charlie Sheen Admits To Doing Steroids For His Role On “Major League”

Charlie Sheen recently admitted that the only time he ever did steroids was back in the 80′s when playing heavy hitter: Ricky Vaughn in major League.

According to Charlie Sheen he was just “enhancing” his performance. He says he took steroids for about eight weeks and that his fast ball went from 79 to 85.

He had a party in his home where he and friends watched “Major League.” Charlie Sheen Stated: “I’m in between my two girlfriends, and I look over and there’s Colin Farrell giving me a thumbs-up. I reach behind me for a fist bump from Brian Wilson, who goes, ‘Winning!” Charlie Sheen continues. “I’m telling you, David Ward created a baseball classic, and baseball is all that matters in the world.”

I suppose it’s safe to assume that Bree Olsen is back in his loving arms and that his chilled out quite a bit from being so mad at  being fired from Two And A Half Men. Happy to see Charlie embracing that chill pill along his two beloved Goddess and still having the bestest wit ever!