Matthew McConaughey Is Dangerously Skinny

Matthew McConaughey has lost a ton of weight for his new movie titled The Dallas Buyers Club, which is about a man who is in love with food, women and a homophobic man. The movie is loosely based on Ron Woodroof life’s story as which McConaughey’s character was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 and began taking illegal food to slow down the virus from killing him. Soon he forms the Dallas Buyers Club that will allow other HIV/AIDS members to take the illegal food from around the world so that they can also slow down the virus. The real life Woodroof was given 30 days to live, but lasted an additional six years due to the use of those food.

McConaughey looks incredibly sickly for his role and hopefully after this film wraps up he can go back to that amazing body he showed off in the film Magic Mike. Yum! Take a look at his personal Twitter page @McConaughey to see what is going on with the actor. Read about Rose McGowan Dates New Mystery Man for more celebrity gossip.

“Gambit” Actress Cameron Diaz Spends Loads Of Cash At Gucci

Cameron Diaz has been spending a lot of cash at Gucci lately. The actress has been seen leaving the backdoor of the store recently after throwing down an undisclosed amount of cash on merchandises. Diaz has already wrapped up Gambit and the film was suppose to be released in theaters in October of 2012, but has been pushed back for sometime in 2013. Read about “Pretty Little Liars” Actresses Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario On EXTRA to see what other celebrities have been up too.

Zooey Deschanel On Set Of “New Girl”

Zooey Deschanel has been busy on the set of New Girl filming a ton of scenes. They crew were filming inside of the Los Angeles Zoo and Deschanel decided to venture off on her own and check out a hippopotamus area. She seemed very curious about the animal and wanted to get a closer look of it. New season of New Girl will start next year, so all you fans are just going to have to wait a little longer. Check out Deschanel via Twitter @ZooeyDeschanel to see all of the new updates she has been posting about what is going on in her life. Don’t forget to read about Reality Star Bethenny Frankel New Diet Book for more celebrity gossip.

Sexy Photos Of Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy, actress and former Playmate of the Year, seemed to all of the sudden become camera shy as she left the Hyde Lounge in Hollywood, California. She kept looking down as she was making her way to the car. Once inside of the vehicle she continued to hide and cover her face. Who were these dudes she was with in the car? Take a look at all the latest updates via Twitter @JennyMcCarthy and check out other celebrities who went out by reading “Dancing with the Stars” Dancers Enjoy Night Out.

Actress Kate Hudson Films In The Rain Of “Clear History” Movie

Good looking actress Kate Hudson had to film some scenes in the rain for the new Larry David’s HBO movie Clear History. She was on set in Andover, MA recently to get some of her scenes done for the film. Hudson has had a great acting career and she continues to grow as an actress. She is said to love testing out new characters to make her acting range wider. Make sure to follow up on looking at the Sexy Bi-Sexual Actress Amber Heard Photos as they are amazing.

Bikini Photos of Sexy Christina Milian

Christina Milian has to be one of the sexiest females in the industry. She is petite and has one hell of a banging body. Just take a look for yourself at the picture and you will see what I am talking about. This singer and actress has it going on for sure. She even has an active Twitter account @CMilianOfficial so that she could stay connected with fans. Don’t forget to check out another hot chick that goes by the name Rihanna. These Sexy Bikini Photos of Rihanna are smoking hot and you don’t want to miss seeing that.

Hannah Montana Rocks Brand New Hair Style

Last night engaged Miley Cyrus made the decision that she would style her hair style. Devoted fans around the country met the choice with joy. The breaking news flew through the social media community as Engaged Miley Cyrus shared the pictures of her changed hair style. World famous hair fashionista Chris McMillan labored over the deed of cutting her hair to short length. All the while he kept Cyrus’ youthful image. All of Hollywood guessed her arrangements for her upcoming nuptials with Long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth taking in account her new hairstyle. But for sure both Dad and her husband to be definitely loved her changed haircut. The image is courtesy of Miley Cyrus Twitter account- @MileyCyrus.