Hillary Duff Feeds Homeless

Remember Hillary Duff? Well, it looks like she’s trying to redeem herself for all of those awful songs that she has written in the past by doing charity work. This past Easter, the Lizzie McGuire star feed over 1000 homeless people in an act of charity that she needs a big round of applause for! Of course, she wasn’t the only celebrity at the event…she was there with other major movie stars such as Zoe Saldana, Donal Logue, Leeza Gibbons Jayde Nicole and Gilles Marini.

Wild Howard Stern Interview with Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Here’s the scoop on the Daily Celeb Dirt… So, David Arquette interviewing with Howard Stern all week and just as they were going off the air today, Courtney Cox walked into the studio. There were some fun bits about a family vacation to Disney World with the kids. Apparently, David tried to have sex with Courtney, and she rejected him. He also admitted that he broke a soft drink glass on his head because out of jealousy when he found out that Courtney Cox was doing a sex scene for the show Cougar town. But the cherry on top was when Courtney Cox admitted she hasn’t had sex since David Arquette and her split, and that she was able to do so thanks to the help of her vibrator. WOW. Both Howard Stern and Courtney Cox agreed that perhaps it’s best that her and David Arquette are friends now instead of lovers.