Is Casey Anthony Worth $1 Million For Tell All Story

What is this world coming too? Haven’t we all heard enough of the his baby killers lies? Acquitted or not, we all know she had more to do with the death of her 3-year-old daughter Caylee then what she’s said! So why would anyone want to continue giving this lousy excuse of a woman more fame; let alone pay for it? Jerry Springer and Hue Hefner said NO, but you won’t believe who’s saying yes…

First, we heard from E! Online that ABC (one of the most respected news station in America) was wanting to buy the Casey Anthony tell all story. An ABC source told them, “We are very interested in Casey Anthony!” They continued on to say, “Like everyone else, we’re following her case very closely, and we would love to have that get.” It was even reported that this could be ABC’s Katie Couric’s first big story. For those of you who don’t know, Katie Couric is the big winner of Oprah Winfrey’s time slot. However, the name and premier date for her talk show have yet to be disclosed.

As if that wasn’t bad enough… E! Online reported today that Al Taylor from HLN’s Nancy Grace said he had a sit down with the “Tot Mom” on Tuesday and offered her $1 Million for an “exclusive pay-per-view-style sit-down”. During the interview Taylor went on to comment about how he and his crew will “probably have to sell it overseas and then [give] it away here so no one can boycott it.”

Al Taylor had a separate interview with HLN’s Dr.Drew Pinsky where he told him how he wants “to hook her up to a lie detector”.

So I guess the question that remains now is, will Casey Anthony actually confess? They’re offering her mega bucks after all, but what’s to say she wont just sell more lies?