Rob Gronkowski Topless Picture With Porn Star Bibi Jones

Rob Gronkowski Topless Picture With Porn Star Bibi Jones and the media goes crazy. This isn’t really a big deal; a jock posing with a porn star. Seriously, who cares? Apparently, the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, does and a few other football business men. They feel that the tight end of the New England Patriots is being disrespectful and promoting sex within the football industry. This is completely ridiculous since everyone already knows that sex is promoted in the industry through their half naked cheerleaders.

It is no shocker that a young professional athlete is taking pictures next to a porn star. The picture itself is not racy nor provocative. The real issue that is bothersome is the fact that this no name porn star is getting media attention in efforts to promote her career. Plus, she has not been shy in the regards to telling her story to the media. Jones has even revealed that she has slept with over ten professional athletes and even several married ones. Can you say home wrecker?

During a recently radio interview Jones talks about an MLB agent who use to bring her out to help him recruit players. Basically, the agent was her pimp and she did all the work for free. Not so smart upstairs is she? Anywho, she explains, “I haven’t done that in a year. But he would just take me to a bar and introduce me after a Diamondbacks game in Arizona. You know, baseball players would come and I’d introduce myself. And then I got to hook up with baseball players and have fun. It was like a dream come true because I love athletes and baseball’s my favorite sport.”

Last year during Spring of 2010 is when she went around sleeping with all of these different guys for this agent named Terry Bross. Jones also states that “a couple did. I’m not sure what happened afterward” as in a few of the people she slept with actually indeed signed with the agent. Jones stopped going around with the agent due to she began a relationship, “Because I got into a relationship and it was hard to explain why I was going out every night. I haven’t talked to him in over a year.”

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